Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weather To Ride...

It's amazing how good 40F feels when you've been going through the worst global warming stretch since Al Gore invented it... Just kidding... No need for retribution... Anyway I couldn't decide whether to ride yesterday because of the weather. I opted out yesterday... Today, I rode half the ride with Tommy Bengel. He had to leave early to pick up his daughter from tennis lessons. We rode east on Summit and then went up the High Bridge. After that, we dropped down to Lillydale Road along the river. I checked the height of the hill by the Yacht Club off Lillydale Road and got 71 feet on the Garmin GPS. We crossed on the I35 Bridge where Tommy headed home and I continued on to Summit. I went west on Summit and then south on River Blvd past the Ford Plant. I took River Blvd and Summit back home. BTW, stay off Lillydale Road. There is a ton of water on the asphalt in the usual places. I got in 22 miles.

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