Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Acapulco Ride

The TCBC Acapulco Ride was on my agenda for Tuesday night. I joined Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, John Wyland, Rob Belz and Barry Torgerson and many others on the Bob Hoffman led ride. Before the ride started, I got in 23 miles and wound up with 54 1/2 after the ride was over. For some reason, I had a lot of power on the pedals. That's a rare occurrence these days...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Chipotle Lunch

I went for an 18 1/2 mile ride with the High Bridge/Smith Avenue and Fort Snelling on the route. I went through Minnehaha Park and crossed the bridge back into Saint Paul. All of a sudden I realized there wasn't any food in the fridge so I stopped at the Highland Chipotle for a burrito bowl. After that, I continued the ride back to home. Next up, cutting the grass and washing the sap off the beat-up white Chevy pick-up. I topped it off with a fishing expedition on Lake Demontreville using my monster 10 foot john boat and 2.2 horsepower mercury motor... The bass and northerns weren't biting so I tied on a small jig and caught a bunch of small sunfish...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Horses For Courses

There are certain horses for certain courses but they do not belong in the metro parks... I rode a Chequamagon Training ride at an east metro park where they allow horses, walkers and bikers on the trail. The horses crap all over the trail (their owners never pick it up), spook easily and they crush the trail into sand making it hard for the bikers and walkers to get through without sinking in... Oh yeah, they leave big holes in the trail too. If I sound a little too harsh, I was lectured by a woman on a horse who wasn't used to bikers. She said I should get off my bike and stand next to it while the horses go by. I told her it might be time to ride a horse that can handle a bike going slowly past it. I came across another horse who was scared when I approached and immediately crapped on the trail... I hope it wasn't a comment on me... Anyway, I got in 20 1/2 miles. Speaking of horses, which one do you prefer?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go! Schnell! Vamanos! Allez!

The ride of the day was 24 miles on the Lake Owasso Loop. I rode the Specialized Allez. There was a strong wind out of the south on the way back to Saint Paul. Riding on the drops, keeping your back down like in a time trial, helped a lot.

Back On The Time Trial Bike

I raced the Ride and Glide Time Trial out in Withrow on Tuesday the 19th. Timmer won the event as usual. Other racers included Rick Christiansen, John Stamm, Mike Lyner, Sam Meier, Mike Davis, John Schmidt, Bill Kosfeld, John Wyland, Jim Cullen, Bill Callas, Steve Knowlton, Steve Skarvan and many more. I placed 31st out of 85 with an average speed of 24.08 mph.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Workouts

I rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday but didn't accumulate too many miles. The longest ride was today at 21 miles. I'm currently in a low motivation zone due to my excess pounds... Here's the new plan; 1) No soda, 2) Drink more water, 3) Eat more fruits and vegetables, 4) Cut out the candy and rolls, 5) Stop drinking beer for a while, 6) I'm not sure if I can totally stop drinking beer... It is summer-time and the weather is hot... I'll limit myself to just a few each week... In other news, I took out the big 10' john boat on its maiden voyage... I got a 2.2 horespower Mercury motor from one of my customers. He told me to keep it for now and that he didn't want any money for it... He said if he ever needs it he'll call me. Can't beat that... Anyway, I caught a northern on a plastic worm and a sunfish on a bare hook... I might have to hit the golf course too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Call Me Captain...

I'm the Captain of a new boat. I bought a ten foot john boat from one of my customers for $200. Some things I need to purchase are life jackets/seat cushions, a drain plug, oars and an outboard motor. I'll use it to fish the local lakes... When I got home with the boat, I took my bike out for a 15 mile speed session ride... Moving on up too... I finally gave in and bought my first pair of size 36 inch waist jeans...

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Ride On The East Side

I took off from the house after work and rode east on Summit, through the Capitol area and east on Phalen Blvd. You can always tell you're on the east side of Saint Paul when you ride on the streets. They are rarely swept and glass and junk litters the side of the road. Nice bike lane... Mayor Chris Coleman knows where to spend the street maintenance money... Highland, Mac-Groveland, Merriam Park, Crocus Hill, Summit Ave. The north end and west side are treated like the east side... Anyway, I rode back via Phalen Golf Course where I came across Bill Stuber riding home. We talked for a while. I noticed my rear wheel was soft so I took out the CO2 inflator and gave the tire some air. The total miles were a little more than 16.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back From Waukesha

I was in Waukesha for a company meeting on Thursday and Saturday so I was off the bike for a few days. Bill Stuber and Jerry Engen joined me for a 29 mile ride through Lake Elmo, Grant Township, Stillwater and Lakeland on Saturday the 9th. I was planning a Sunday ride but trap shooting and the PGA Championship got in the way...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back In The Hills

The after work ride was a 25 mile trip up the High Bridge/Smith Avenue and up Ohio. I needed the hill work. After that, I rode time trial simulation on the road next to the Mississippi River. Next, I cruised over the Mendota Bridge to Fort Snelling. I followed the river north to Lake Street and then crossed the bridge back to Saint Paul and Summit Avenue.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back In Town

The after work ride was a cruise up to Lake Owasso and back. I stopped at the Bicycle Chain because my brake pads were worn too thin. They put some new ones on and then I bought four more 16gm CO2 cartridges. I threw them $5 for the DQ right in their parking lot... The total miles were 22.

Up North

I went up North for the weekend on 8/1. The old Firehouse 50 took place but I didn't race. I tried to get in to the time trial a week ago but the race was filled. John Wyland, Jeff Arndt and I drove to Grandview, rode 30 miles and then caught the finish of the race. Saturday night, I took a kayak out fishing and had one bass on. He jumped out of the water and spit the hook... Sunday morning, John Schmidt, Wyland, Arndt and I rode the single speed mountain bikes on the Mosquito Brook and Hatchery Trails. Those guys hammered. I was fine until I got into the rocky section. My back really bothered me so I had to take it easy. I got in 14 miles.