Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Every Black Dog Has Its Day

I've gotten a few rides in lately wrapped around having guests in town and hanging with them. Anyway, I can't seem to get out of 9th place in the M50+ at the Blackdog TT. Tonight, I had my second best time trial of the series with a time of 16:30. One guy who finished in front of me just got back from riding in Colorado. Maybe I need to do a little altitude training. I got in 22 miles with the race, warm-up and cool-down.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dodging Rain Drops

I joined my Loon State teammates for the Wednesday Stone Arch Ride. I started late because of the rain so I rode down to Shepard Road where I joined up with The Red Lantern, Painman, Throlson, Belz, Kullman, Bolinsky, Olson, Delaney, Jens, Cobra and Paidosh. Anyway, I was there for all of the tough stuff like the High Bridge/Smith Avenue climb, the Maria Climb, the time trial section along the river, up the big Ohio/Cherokee monster and then up Ramsey Hill. I got in 23 miles. Today, I did another time trial training session on the famed and storied Greenway, Kenilwurth and Cedar Lake Trails systems. The total miles were 30.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chasing Bikes And Trains

I rode my second best Blackdog time trial of the year on July 15th. I posted a 16:38 but that was still a long way from the 16:17 I did a month ago. I need to race and chase a little faster... Anyway, the total miles with warm-up, race and cool-down were 26. Saturday was my next ride and it was a long one... I got in close to 6 miles as Kathleen and I celebrated our anniversary with a neighborhood cruise. We spread mulch next to our new patio earlier in the day. Sunday came around and the Tour featured a mountain stage plus the final round of the British Open was on. I watched Contador put Lance in his place and then watched the Open until the playoff started. I had to get in a ride so I headed out to Lake Jane and back. The public access at the lake is pretty small now as the water level is way down. The total miles were 33. Today, I got in another time trial training ride on the Greenway and Kenilwurth trails. I chased a train on the way out. Actually, it blew past me because it was really flying... On the way back, I got a flat only to find out that my spare tube was patched and it wasn't holding air either. A young guy gave me a tube. I went straight to the Freewheel shop along the trail and bought a couple of tubes and a CO2 cartridge. I got in 30 miles.

Monday, July 13, 2009

In-Laws And Out-laws

It's been a long time between rides... 6 days to be precise. I got in 38 miles last Tuesday at the Acapulco ride in the East Metro. Today, I got in a 30 mile time trial training ride. In between, the in-laws came into town including my divorced father-in-law and mother-in-law and my two sisters-in-law. We went to Eau Clarie for the weekend for Kathleen's cousin's daughter's wedding. I did manage to get in two rounds of golf while there and I added two pounds with all of the food and beer...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lance! Lance! Lance!

I've had enough Lance crap from the Versus network. The guy got away with juicing in the TDF for seven victories imho. How do you beat a juiced to the gills Ullrich, Basso, Vinukorouv, Mancebo, Landis, Hamilton, Pererio, Heras et al without being on something yourself? Now, he's trying his comeback as a clean rider. Cancellera, Contador, Wiggins, Kloden, Evans, Leipheimer were among the nine riders who beat him in the opening time trial... He probably thinks he's team leader after today's stage when he was in the right place at the right time. Wait until the first mountain stage. Bruyneel better not tell Contador to ride for Lance. Contador should attack Lance up every mountain and finish the guy off for good... Anyway, Tom Bengel and I got in a 31 mile time trial training session on the Greenway, Cedar and Kenilworth Trails.

Party Time

We had the annual Fourth of July party on Saturday. I got a few rides in and even a race over the weekend. However, last Wednesday I raced the Blackdog Time Trial. I had my worst time of the year at 16:51. I went out easy to save myself for the second half of the race. It didn't work. I always suck after the momentum killing turn-a-round-cone. I'll have to rethink that strategy... Anyway, I got in 17 miles. After that, I did a 32 mile time trial training ride on Thursday and a 17 1/2 mile ride Saturday. On Sunday, I went to the Chippewa mountain bike race in Eau Claire with Tom and Lee Bengel. I placed 7th in the 50-54 Sport event. The total miles Sunday were 19.