Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Move

I got in a few short rides over the weekend. On Friday after work, I rode the Lake Owasso loop from Saint Paul. That was 25 miles of nice cruising on the Specialized road bike. Moving day is what they call Saturday on the PGA Tour. That's when the good golfers seem to make their move to get into contention. Well, for me, Saturday was an actual moving day. My brother Tom and I moved the last of my mom's stuff from her condo to Saint Thereses' in Hopkins. I did manage to get in a short 11 mile road ride on Summit Avenue after the move. Mountain biking was the theme on Sunday. Bill Stuber, Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, John Wyland and I rode the trails at Battle Creek. They've got a couple of new trails there along with some more log jumps and a rock garden. We got in over 12 1/2 miles.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working It Out..

I got in a 20 mile ride after work by going east on Summit, up the High Bridge and then over to Fort Snelling and Minnehaha Park. I did a couple more time trial pick-ups and tried to go fast up the High Bridge. Climbing the High Bridge Fast is tough though because you always have to watch for glass.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Much Riding Lately...

I've been busy lately with all kinds of stuff that has kept me off the bike. Yeah, if I was really serious, I would make time... I know, I know... Got a 20 mile road ride in Saturday evening then had the family over for Father's Day on Sunday. What happened Monday? Rain? Tuesday I was all set for the thirty six mile TCBC Acapulco ride when Kathleen informed me we had the neighbor's birthday party to go to... So I decided to get in a quick ride around the neighborhood. Yeah, it was quick. I made it one mile before the rain started. I turned for home and got in a total of 2 miles... Today, I got in 21 miles on the time trial training bike with five speed sets. I rode the Greenway and Kenilworth trails plus the trail from downtown south to the Greenway.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paying For Speed

Speed can be achieved in bike racing via many methods. Training, racing, buying the best equipment, bike position and hiring a coach are the most common. I paid for time trial speed by getting a time trial bike, disc rear wheel, deep section front wheel, skin suit, aero helmet and lycra shoe covers... However, last night, I paid for speed a different way, I went out way too fast at the Blackdog TT and paid for it on the way back when it seemed I was barely moving! Two weeks ago, my time was 16:17. Last night it was 16:45. That was one second slower than my first Blackdog TT of the year... I'll try to TT at a more even pace... Anyway, I got in 19 miles last night at the "Dog". Tonight, I got in a little over 20 miles by going up the high bridge and then west to Fort Snelling before heading back to Saint Paul.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Riding, Training, Volunteering, Spectating

I've been getting some decent rides lately and I did some volunteering for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Tom Bengel and I worked the Downtown Saint Paul Criterium as Course Marshalls on Wednesday. Paul McKinney helped us on the corner of Wacouta and 6th. As usual, I did most of the work. Tommy spent about half the time talking to the Kueffer family and others. McKinney stood on the lamp post the whole time except for 10 seconds... Thursday I rode and did time trial training on Lillydale Road. Friday, Tom Bengel, Rob Belz and I were NVGP Course Marshalls for the Uptown Crit. We rode our bikes over from Saint Paul and worked the Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street corner. The new phrase when closing off the street crossing is; "Shut uhr down!" Saturday was a medium length training ride. Tom Bengel and I rode to North Oaks and back for 32 miles. Yeah, I've spent too much time with Tommy B lately... I'll ride with some others for a while... After two days of volunteering, Tom Bengel, Rob Belz some MNJRC kids and I rode to Stillwater for the Chilkoot Hill Criterium. We had fun watching the race. I threw on a NVGP vest toward the end and helped Big Paul with crowd control. It got a little crazy. They needed more Course Marshalls. With the ride home, we got in 51 miles.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Timing It...

The rain kept me off the bike for a few days over the weekend. I did manage to get in some training with an 8 mile, rain shortened time trial training session on Monday. Yesterday, I raced the Withrow Time Trial. Either I have to race flat courses only or get in some hill training. The hills aren't big on the course but they come at you the last half of the race. Anyway, I got in 21 miles which included posting a 33:48 in the 13 mile time trial. I placed 25th out of 79 and wasn't too far out of the teens. Among those who beat me were Rick Christiansen, Dave Ludwigson, Alex Dahlquist, Benn Popp and John Stamm. Placing behind me were Dan Meyer, Mike Lyner, Dave Haerle and Steve Skarvan.

Friday, June 5, 2009


The ride of the day was 25 miles from Saint Paul over to the Greenway and Kenilworth Trails in Minneapolis. Tommy Bengel joined me as we took turns leading some speed pick-ups. Anyway, the picture is a Glastron speedboat, trailer and 70hp mercury I picked up today for $150. I need the motor for my other boat. I'll fix up the trailer and sell that for more than I paid for the whole package...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Take A Masi

My 1972 50hp Evinrude "dun blow'd up." Copyright SCTV. As a result, I need to raise some cash for a new motor... Something has to go... My loss is your gain... I'm selling my Masi Coltello Track Bike. It has a fantastic aero frame and is very fast. The frame is worth over $500. I'll sell the whole bike with cranks, wheels, saddle, handlebars, seatpost and stem for $500! The wheels are standard track wheels and not the ones in the picture. Frye got the disc...

Course Record...

I've been riding more lately now that the swine/bird/ebola thing seems to be gone. On Monday, I got in 8 miles on the time trial training bike. I wasn't going to ride but my wife needed her car moved from the ramp to the courthouse. Summit to downtown Saint Paul was the route I took to get there. Tuesday was my first Acapulco ride of the season. I got in 40 miles on the bucolic roads of Stillwater, Lakeland, Afton and Lake Elmo. Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, Rob Belz and John Wyland joined me on the TCBC ride led by the legend, Bob Hoffman. Wednesday was the Blackdog Time Trial. Tom Bengel and I drove down to the start. I went off as the 16th rider and set my new personal best with a time of 16:17. Those who finished in front of me included Dave Ludwigson and Alex Dahlquist. Among the riders I beat were Skibby, Steve Knowlton, John Stamm, Dan Meyer, Bill Kosfeld and Tommy B. I got in 20 miles for the night.