Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Higher And Higher (Props To Sammy Haggar)

I loved Van Halen during the David Lee Roth era. The guy had pipes and Eddy's song writing skills and guitar were fantastic. When Ed booted DLR out of the band, I thought they were done. Lo and behold, Sammy Haggar joined the band. He actually played a guitar too... They had a ton of hits with Sam. One of them contained the refrain; "higher and higher". Anyway, that's what i did the last two days, I climbed higher and higher on the bike. Monday, I climbed Mount Airy Street in Saint Paul along with Ramsey Hill. I didn't have a lot of time (coyote hunting) so I only got in 10 1/2 miles. Today, I went out for 28 miles and climbed Ohio, Highwood and Ramsey Hill. I should have used my Garmin GPS yesterday but I did bring it along today. The Ohio climb starts at 701 feet and finishes at 993 for a total vertical climb of 292 feet. If you take a right on Dodd and go up the hill to Smith, you get 1037 feet for a total vertical of 336 feet. Highwood, by Highway 61, starts in Saint Paul at 744 feet and finishes in Maplewood at 1049 for a vertical climb of 305 feet. After those two big climbs I didn't think I was ready to take on Ramsey again. I took on the challenge though. Ramsey Hill starts at 789 feet and climbs to 938 feet for a total vertical of 149. The picture is from the top of Mount Airy with Metro State and the 3M Maplewood headquarters in the distance.

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Kevin said...

I need to get over to St. Paul and do some of those climbs. Thanks for the inspiration!