Saturday, March 29, 2008

Riding Giants

'Riding Giants', that was the title of a great surf movie a few years ago. It ranks up there with 'Big Wednesday' among surf flicks. In fact, it's way better than 'Ride the Wild Surf' from the early 60s starring Fabian Forte as the surf king. Man, the surf scenes in that one looked really fake. Forte stood on a board with pictures of waves in the background... No special effects Oscars for that one... Besides Fabian Forte, another surfer in the film named the "Eskimo", was Robert Mitchum's son. After that movie, I don't think anyone heard from those bad actors again... Speaking of Giants, I tuned up the Giant OCR C1 carbon road bike and rode it for 8 miles on Summit and River Blvd. The bike is for sale this weekend at the TCBC bike swap.

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