Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On The Podium

That's on the Diamondback (No) Podium cyclocross bike by the way... I got in 19 miles on Summit, River Boulevard, East River Road, West River Road, Plymouth Avenue and through the U of M with Tommy Bengel. The hills were a little tough to get up today... Anyway, I don't need two cyclocross bikes so you can have my 54cm Podium for $400.


paul said...

hey old man, I saw you two backing up traffic on the east river road this afternoon.. geez, get on the sidewalk , wonn't y'all ?? ;- )
TJ Tells me the ice at groveland is like glass, we're skating tomorrow at 6:30/7:00 pm. Put on the foil .. late,r !

Jay Tegeder said...

I'd love to play a little hockey but American Idol is on at that time... I did see a bunch of dudes skating there last night as I drove by. Anyway, maybe I'll show up and skate a little earlier with Tommy B.