Sunday, June 29, 2008

Riding Again

I got back on the bike for the first time Saturday after Wednesday's track crash. I was still a little sore but I rode up the High Bridge and over to and through Fort Snelling and Minnehaha Park. The total miles were 19.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Miss 'N Out At The Track

I missed out on racing the track Thursday night which included the Miss and Out event... Thanks to my Wednesday crash and slide from the top of the 43 degree banked corner down to the infield. Ouch!!! I took today off the bike as well... I'm thinking the new track, when it's built, should have a Pergo surface or something that doesn't give you road rash. Another thing; Why would anyone pay more than $60 for bike shorts? Yeah, I need those $180 Castelli or DeMarchi or Assos shorts so I can rip them up like I did to these Mt Borahs... How long can The Colorado Cyclist stay in business? You can get a pair of fancy shorts for $180 or shop somewhere else, like your favorite local bike shop, and spend $60 on shorts and save the $120 for the gas tank...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I hit the boards at the NSC Velodrome Development Races on Wednesday night. I mean that literally... I was riding on top of the banked corners while watching the action below, instead of paying attention to what I was doing... It wasn't a good idea. I must have clipped a pedal or something because the next thing I knew, I was sliding down the track. Colton Barret was kind of in my way on the way down, I clipped his bike but he was able to ride out of it. Tons of board burn... Among the wounds, both forearms, upper right arm, right hip, left buttock, lower left leg and both hands. Ouch... I raced the 500m and 1000m after the crash but I was pretty beat up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Garmin Is Working Again

My Garmin Forerunner 205 decided to work today as the picture shows. I rode 31 miles over to the east side of Saint Paul and then up to North Oaks. It was a great evening for a ride. Sorry about the previous post in German. I didn't want to swear in English...

Mein Garmin ist ein stuck aus shiest!

Mein Garmin Forerunner 205 is ein stuck aus shiest! es war kaput heute tag Juni 23rd. Aber, ich gehen viertzig kilometers zum Owasso und zuruck. Hier ist ein photo die kaput Garmin auf mein fahrad.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Party On...

Rob Belz had his annual summer ride and party on June 21st. First, Jerry Engen, Charlie Ganzhorn, Rob, Lori and Ron Belz and I rode some mountain bike trails south of Hudson. We got in 8 miles. Then, we partied at Rob and Pam's house. Jay Wenner and his wife and Tom Bengel and his family showed up too. A T-Bone on the grill, a little cole slaw, some grilled peppers and plenty of beer...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Teginator Tackles The Track

It was Thursday Night Lights at the famed and storied NSC Velodrome. I raced the Cat 4/5 10 Lap Scratch Race and the 10 Lap Miss and Out. The good news, I wasn't last in either race. Among the racers were my teammate Andy Frye along with Paul McKinney, Dan Casper and about ten others. Frye got 2nd in the Miss and Out to Dan Casper's first place. Casper just time trialed it and ran away from everyone. Other racers in other categories included Mike Lyner, Jim Cullen and Mike Lyner in the Cat 3. Plus Timmer, Ben and Joe Dubay and Kevin Schaefer in the Cat 1/2. Lindsey Hamilton, the Dahlman Twins, Barb Harrick and Linda Sone did the women's events. John Thompson showed up to watch. I brought the Masi Coltello along with a drop handlebar for the races. The drop handlebar brought is oversized and I have a regular size stem on the Masi. My mistake. As a result, I had to use a track loaner which was geared way too easy. I wound up spinning out in both races.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mister Mechanic

I rode the TCBC Acapulco Ride on Tuesday night. It was a pretty good size crowd with Lori Belz, Jerry Engen, Rob Belz and Barry Torgerson among the riders. Jerry and I were riding along when a guy in front of us broke his chain. I stopped to help and grabbed a Shimano chain pin to complete the fix. Jerry and I continued on and met up with the group again on the way back. The total miles were 22.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Waters Run Deep With Cyclists

Tons of peeps, I mean TONS of PEEPS showed up for the NVGP Stillwater Criterium today. Tom and Nora Bengel, Paul McKinney, Todd Johnson, his bro-in-law Drake, U of M Brian, Rob Belz and I rode the twenty five miles from Saint Paul, out to Stillwater for the event. Everyone in Twin Cities cycling was practically there so I won't mention all the names but was it a blast! In the Men's 2/3 race, Patrick Horrigan of Loon State took second place! Greg Goblirsch was in there for a while before taking a nasty crash against the steel fencing at the bottom of the steep downhill section. He lost some blood due to minor scrapes but once the shock wore off, he was okay. Jim Cullen was in the race too. He pulled off the best recovery move I think has ever happened in a race. He to went careening into the same steel fence that got Goblirsch. Except, Cullen used his brute strength to elbow himself upright and pull out of it before he could go down. It was amazing!!! Alex Atherton and Chris Clark also raced the event. Kristin Armstrong destroyed everyone in the women's pro event. Linda Sone held on for quite a few laps. In the men's pro race, the top dogs took command but Doug Swanson lasted a decent number of laps. Hollywood had Tommy, Rob, me and a few other guys throw on Hollywood Cycles T-shirts and run up the hill behind the top guys on several laps. The officials finally shut that down... Other Loons watching included Skibby, Frye, Stamm, Meyer and Ludwigson. Lori Belz was there too. We rode back home and got in a total of 50 miles. The picture is me chasing Kristin Armstrong up the hill at the finish of the race. Notice, I got the Hollywood sign and the Loon State Jersey (with the Bicycle Chain logo) in the picture. Kids, don't try this at home... I'm a trained professional...

Back Up To Speed

Time trial training once every two weeks at Black Dog isn't quite enough. It's back to weekly Timmer time trial ladder interval sessions. I actually made it through his complete workout Saturday. I did one minute followed by two minutes followed by three minutes all at race pace or slightly under. From there, it was back down with one at two minutes. I totally sucked at the second two minute interval. Lastly, it was back down to one minute which I put in at a decent speed again. I got in 17 miles on the Specialized Allez time trial training bike.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Downtown Friday Night

Tom Bengel, Rob Belz and I rode to the downtown Minneapolis Nature Valley Grand Prix Criterium Friday night. As usual, we worked as Corner Marshals on the Start/Finish Line. Because of our fine work, every thing was fine on our section of the course... Tons of peeps were out viewing the race including Mike Lyner, John Stamm, Patrick Horrigan, Dale and Joan Forde, Lee, Nora and Jan Bengel, Steve Skarvan, Bike Swap Alex, Paul Krafthoffer, Hollywood, Timmer, Dave Meyer, Jim Redmond, John and Carol Thompson, Jay Dworsky, Bill and Jeanie Kosfeld, Scott Sjoquist, Paul Schoening and many more. Once again, our local racers had a good night. Linda Sone and Theresa Moriarity were right up there with the top women and Doug and Dan Swanson stayed with the main group almost the whole race. After the race, we ate at Chipotle and then rode home with Lee Bengel joining us. We got in 17 miles. The picture is of the lovely Rachel from the Toyota United Team. I took her picture so I could win free socks from the Pez Cycling News web page Babe Shot contest...

Back At Buck

A dry Thursday night got me back down to Buck Hill for the race series. I caught a ride there with Tom and Lee Bengel. Lori Belz showed up to race too as did Shane Kullman, Cory Stuhr and Barry and Ali Tungseth. As usual, it was a blast. I rode my single speed with a 2 x 1 gear. I only crashed once on a slippery downhill section. My time was 42:32 for the two lap event and I placed 18th out of 37. Tom and Lee did the four lap race and Lori won the women's two lap contest.

A Night At The Races

Tom Bengel, John Thompson, Paul McKinney and I worked as Corner Marshals for the Nature Valley Grand Prix in downtown Saint Paul on Wenesday the 11th. The event was pretty screwed up with rain, crashes, relegated results and a motorcycle sliding into some racers on the corner next to ours. Anyway, I was the only one of us who was actually doing any work... Bengel and McKinney were talking to each other the whole time and Thompson was sitting on the curb talking to his daughter... Of course, with my years of Corner Marshal experience, I had the situation under control... It was fun watching our local racers like Linda Sone, Theresa Moriarity, Dan and Doug Swanson and others competing with the best. In fact, our local racers finished a lot higher than many of the pros.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Riding Now

I rode with the Now Bikes guys tonight. Riders from the Toyota United Bike Team, in town for the Great River Energy Festival, were supposed to join the ride but their bikes didn't arrive in time. We rode over to Fort Snelling and then along the River to Ohio. From there, we went down the High Bridge and back up to Summit via Irvine. The total ride was 20 miles. In other news, I finished the Masi Track bike pictured to the left.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Back On The Bike

After taking Sunday off the bike, I got back on today. I rode down Summit where I came across GS whatever (you know, that new club out of GP with Dave Bucholz and Jim Redmond among others...) rider Dave Peterson cruising along. Dave and I go way back to our cross country skiing days in the early 90s. We rode through downtown Saint Paul where Dave kept going to the east side. I turned north and rode Como Avenue over and around Como Lake. From there I went south on Hamline and then over to Lexington to Summit and back home. I only got in 17 miles but I was working on the Masi track bike before the ride. All I have left on the Masi is to put bar tape on it. BTW, the Garmin 205 GPS unit isn't working... Again...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spectating, Shooting...

Jerry Engen and I drove down to Afton Alps to watch the mountain bike race. Loon State teammate Rob Belz finished 7th in the Sport category age 40-44. It was a tough course with all of the recent rain. Tom Bengel rode the single speed category. Others racing included Gary Freidel, Steve Kapaun and Dave Meyer. After that, Big Jer and I went over to the Hudson Gun Club and shot the rifles. Jerry shot his .223 and used my .22 and .17HMR. I must have shot around 70 rounds. The .22 was spot on at 50 yards and the .17HMR was on target (not the bullseye) at 100 yards. I came home and cut the grass. I needed a day off the bike... My flat feet were killing me (and still are as I type this...) but that wasn't why I took a rest day from the bike...

Golf, Graduation, Cycling

It was a bis Saturday as I golfed with the sister-in-law and ex cousin-in-law at Mill Run golf course in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From there, it was on to my wife's cousin's daughter's high school graduation in Eau Claire. Tons of great food as those Italians always make... After that, I drove home and took the bike out for a 20 mile ride in the evening. I didn't feel like riding but I needed to burn off those calories...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fixed On Summit

After the wind settled down and the sky cleared, I went for a 16 mile cruise of Summit Avenue and River Blvd. I took out the Windsor fixed gear track bike. A lot of riders were out getting in some miles.

Thanks Dad!

64 years ago today, my father, Bill Tegeder, was a 24 year-old seargent in the U.S. Army's 348th Engineering outfit. He hit Omaha Beach after the Infantry had gone in. His job was to clear the beach for more soldiers who followed. It took three tries for his boat to get to shore. The first two times, German shelling drove them back out. After D-Day, his outfit worked their way into Belgium where he happened to be in December of 1944 when something called the Battle of the Bulge broke out. Not on the front lines, German buzz bombs kept them on their toes in camp. The 348th followed the Germans into their homeland to construct pontoon bridges where the bridges were blown-up in retreat. When the war ended, he spent another few months in Germany before going home. He's not doing too well at age 88. Cancer and other ailments have taken their toll. But, I want to thank him again for doing his part to make life easier for all of us. By the way, that's mom on the left. She was a Marine in WWII.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blackdog Three

The third Blackdog Time Trial of the season took place on Wednesday, June 4th. The conditions were perfect with only a slight headwind on the way back. My time of 16:41 was a 13 seconds slower than two weeks ago though. I dropped one place by taking 6th in the 50+. Fellow 50+ Loon State riders included Dave Ludwigson at 15:45, John Stamm in 16:32 and Mike Lyner at 16:58. Among the other riders were Chad Macy, Jim and Jordan Cullen, Bill Kosfeld, Paul Krafthoffer, Rob Ogren, Dave Peterson, Dan Casper, Dan Swanson, Hollywood and Christy Creme, Jim Redmond, Dave Bucholz, Steve Knowlton and many more.

East Side Story

Tuesday, June 3rd was another typical Acapulco TCBC ride in the hilly Saint Croix Valley. The front group hammered but I rode with my peeps Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, John Wyland, Barry Torgerson and Rob Belz further back. Ride leader Bob Hoffman rode with our group as did Barb Thurmes. We got in 37 1/2 miles. The picture shows Rob and Lori Belz and John Wyland cruising along by the Lake Elmo Airport.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Round Two

After watching the Giro wrap-up on Versus, I went up to the track and rode a few races. Yeah, my legs were tired from the morning ride but at my track skill level, it didn't make much of a difference. My Loon State teammates Alex Atherton, Mike Lyner and Andy Frye were there as well. Andy Kruse put on the races with Bill Nicholson as the official. I clocked a 15.72 in the Flying 200 and a 1:32 in the Kilometer. While I wasn't last, I didn't threaten any track records. It was a fun time though. With the racing and riding, I got in 9 miles for a total of 37 for the day. I rode the Windsor.

West Side Story

Tom, Lee and Nora Bengel, Dano Barret, Cody Scott, Rob Belz and I rode over to the west side of Saint Paul, into West Saint Paul, Mendota Heights and back across the Mendota Bridge to Fort Snelling, Minnehaha Park and back to Saint Paul for a total of 28 miles. The weather was perfect and we hit a few big hills along the way.

Alpine Ascent

Afton Alps was where the action was at on Saturday. Rob Belz, Cody Scott, Tom Bengel and I rode from Rob's house in Afton over to Afton Alps where did a lap and a half of the sport course. I rode my single speed (the Teginator) with a 36 x 18 gear and man was that tough! The course has tons of roots and rocks. It was a good workout though. After riding, Jerry Engen dropped by Rob's house. We shot Jerry's crossbow and then I blasted a few rounds with my 22. Anyway, we got in a little over 16 1/2 miles.