Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back From Vacation

In an effort to stay with instead of off the back of the pack, I got back into the training routine. Tom Bengel, the famous GP rider and I classic skied three laps at the legendary Highland 9 Hole golf course. We even skied a lap with former track cycling legend Lou Chouinard. I talked Big Lou into getting back on track for the track this season. I told him he should join Loon State too. Anyway, the picture to the left is the alley garden I built for my wife last summer while she was away. I surprised her big time. The spot was nothing but monster weeds and garbage before I tackled the project. I won an alley gardening award which is the flag among the flowers. It was one of my few podium appearances for the season along with 2nd place in the Sport Division 50+ at Erik's Spring Cup...

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