Monday, January 28, 2008

MCF Banquet

My wife Kathleen and I had a blast at the MCF Banquet last night. Grumpy's is a great venue! Skibby did a great job as emcee and it was fun to watch fellow Loons Jim and Jordan Cullen, Greg Golbrisch and Andy Frye get awards. Mike Lyner was the only other Loon there and since he's outgoing MCF Prez and now theTreasurer, he had to be there. I think he would have been there regardless. Hey, where were the other Loons? Among some of the others in attendance were Tom Bengel, Paul McKinney, Tim Mulrooney, Bob Mairs, Dan Casper and Linda Sone, Hollywood and Christi Creme, Aric Haerland, Bob Williams, Bill Nicholson, Todd Trembley and Chris and many more. The food was great too!

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