Monday, December 31, 2007

One Week Of Intense Training

I just finished an intensive training week designed to help me ride faster this coming season. After consulting my coach, the plan was hatched. I'd go out to Saratoga, New York to visit my wife's relatives over the holidays and train on a consistent basis. Before the trip, my last workout was Saturday, December 22nd. During the trip, I cross country skied for 2 hours on Thursday, the 27th, at Garnett Hill in the Adirondacks. My old ski buddy, Dave Matthews (the original) drove up there with me. The snow came down as we skated, about three inches and the skis had slow wax. Skiing for 2 hours in those conditions was like skiing 4 hours in decent tracks. Then, I waited until Saturday, the 29th to get in a highly effective 40 minutes on the sister-in-laws exercise bike. With training like that, I'll have a tremendous bike season...

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