Saturday, January 5, 2008

Skiing and Biking Double Workout

It was a great day for a skiing and biking double workout. I classic skied at Afton State Park with Jerry Engen, Lori Belz and John Wyland. The tracks were great up above on both plateaus but the tracks down below along the river were full of leaves. We used our classic wax-less racing skis and they worked really well. After 2 hours, we hung it up. Rob Belz rode up on his single speed and he and I were going to go biking. The rest of the group decided we should go back to Rob's house, drink beer and shoot the 22 rifles. Mixing guns and beer is always a great idea... We shot holes in a bunch of pop cans and plastic bottles plus we shot a bunch of bottle caps that we pressed into a tree. John Wyland was trying to dial in his scope. The shooting lasted as long as the skiing... Anyway, we didn't go biking... The picture to the left is of me, Rob Belz on the bike and John Wyland. Both Rob and John are joining Loon State this year.

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