Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time Trial Synergy

Actually, that would be the Synergy Time Trial on the Withrow course in Washington County. The boys from Now Bikes and the Synergy Race Team like Bob Sumada, Ben Popp, Mike Brown, Per Nelson et el put on a great event as usual. I had a decent race but had a tough time in the headwind out of the south east like everyone else... My time was 1:08:10 for the 25 mile course. Tons of peeps were there. The usual suspects were at the front and included riders like Dan Casper, Tim Mulrooney, Dan Swanson and Hollywood among the many. Some of the top women were Theresa Moriarity and Linda Sone. Among my Loon State teammates, Greg Golbrisch, Dave Ludwigson, Andy Frye, John Kortbein and Mike Lyner were ahead of me. Those finishing behind me included Dan Cleary, John Stamm, Brian Loecken and Chris Paidosh. Some of the other guys placing in front of me were Rick Christiansen, Jim Redmond and Sam Meier. Placing behind were Paul McKinney and Bill Kosfeld. Anyway, I got in a little over 36 miles.

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