Sunday, May 18, 2008

High Speed

The high speed I'm referring to is not my pace during the Cable Off Road 18 Mile Mountain Bike Race on Saturday. It is referring to the $186 speeding ticket Wisconsin's finest gave me on Friday... Trooper T Weiberg would not cut me any slack. I got the ticket after forgetting to drop the cruise control when I turned off 65mph Hwy 53 and on to 55mph Hwy 63... If I had only been 5mph over the limit, the ticket would have ONLY been $160... The day didn't turn out too bad though. I caught this 3 pound largemouth bass in Nelson Lake. A chartreuse spinner bait was too hard for him to resist as I tossed it up against a floating bog. He was set free to fight another day. As for the race Saturday, I continue to lose valuable time climbing hills. I had good speed on the flats and downhills and the 1x9 Niner EMD with the straight carbon fork performed really well. Anyway, I got 21st place and 3rd in the 50-54. I brought home the hardware... Other Loons who had good days were Rob Belz who got 7th (3rd age) in the 18 miler, Dave Hoagland who got 21st (first age group) in the 23 miler finishing with Hollywood, Dave Meyer and former Loon Barry Tungseth. LSC member Bill Stuber and his son Joe raced in the 18 mile event and John Wyland did the 23 mile race. Others racing included Stu Benson, Charlie Ganzhorn, John Schmidt, Bill Kosfeld and many more.

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