Friday, May 23, 2008

36 x 18

I rode the big Buck Hill Mountain Bike Series 2 Lap Race Thursday night at the famed and storied Buck Hill Ski Area. The bike of choices was the Teginator Specialized Stump Jumper Single Speed. My time was 40:31 as I rode a 2 to 1, 36 x 18 gear. Things went pretty well until I heard a clicking sound coming from my crankset. After the race, I checked it out... One of the chainring bolts fell off! I got a nice prize in the raffle drawing. My schwag included a Salsa water bottle and a Salsa short sleeve jersey. Score (copyright Rob Belz)! Others racing included Rob Belz, Lori Belz, Tom Bengel (who I drove with) Shane Kullman, Barry Tungseth, C J Faulkner and many more. Jerry Engen rode around whil we raced.

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