Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ready For Battle

The Saturday morning ride was a bunch of loops at Battle Creek with Bill Stuber, Stu Benson, John Wyland, Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, Rob Belz and me. It was my first mountain bike ride of the year. We did the new trail along Highway 61 plus the usual routes there. Everyone rode their geared bikes except for me. I rode the Teginator Specialized single speed with a 36 x 18 gear. We got in a little over 12 miles. Friday after work, I got in a quick 14 miles before Kathleen and I met friends for dinner. In other news, check out the picture of the new boat, motor and trailer. I'll be able to battle the big fish with this rig. It's a 1960 Hiawatha 14 foot aluminum speed-boat with a 50 horse 1972 Evinrude motor and a nice trailer. I got the whole thing from a customer of mine for $350. Now, I just need a classic early 60's Chevy pick-up truck to haul it... That would be sweet! The old school stuff doesn't end there. I got a 1973 Ski Doo 340 TNT snowmobile for $200. I'll do a little fiberglass work on that one but it runs good. Back to the outboard motors... Kathleen and I helped one of her friends clean out her father's old house which got sold. Her father had a 1951 Scott-Atwater 7 1/2 hp outboard motor. No one wanted it so I grabbed it. A little steel wool, polishing and a little paint and the thing will be a beauty.

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