Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Climbs Big Air

The Loon State Spring Camp lasted until today but I left for home after yesterday's big ride. Once again, we climbed massive and steep hills Saturday as part of our 76 mile route through southeastern Minnesota. Some of those climbs had to be 600 vertical feet or more and lasted longer than two miles! I wasn't the last one up the big switchbacks but I was far from the first. Bill Stuber and a few other guys showed up to join the rest of us. The rain stayed away and we had perfect weather for two days. Anyway, my legs were pretty tired today. Yeah, I could have gone for a ride but my left Achilles is really stiff so a day off the bike felt pretty good. The picture to the left is of me at the mic during today's Bike Radio Show on 91.7fm or from 5 to 6pm. My sidekick, Ambrose Riegel took the shot. We talked about the Tour of Flanders, Pari Roubaix, the book; "Paris Roubaix, A Journey Through Hell" and some of the various bicycling magazines available.

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