Thursday, April 9, 2009

Achilles Heel

Everyone has an "Achilles Heel" which is a metaphor for something that gives you problems. For some cyclists it might be climbing hills. Others might have problems riding a pace line. Time Trials can be tough for some riders. My "Achilles Heel" is actually my Achilles Heel... It's been really stiff since last Friday. All those miles at the Loon State Camp aggravated it. I've had problems with a stiff Achilles for years. I should really stretch it once in a while... Anyway, tonight I rode down to downtown Saint Paul and then went across the Wabasha Street Bridge to Plato. I turned left on to Ohio and went up the steep climb, turned right to the climb up Cherokee and then went left and up the big Smith Avenue Hill. On the way back I rode up Ramsey Hill. I got in 14 miles.

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