Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks Dad!

64 years ago today, my father, Bill Tegeder, was a 24 year-old seargent in the U.S. Army's 348th Engineering outfit. He hit Omaha Beach after the Infantry had gone in. His job was to clear the beach for more soldiers who followed. It took three tries for his boat to get to shore. The first two times, German shelling drove them back out. After D-Day, his outfit worked their way into Belgium where he happened to be in December of 1944 when something called the Battle of the Bulge broke out. Not on the front lines, German buzz bombs kept them on their toes in camp. The 348th followed the Germans into their homeland to construct pontoon bridges where the bridges were blown-up in retreat. When the war ended, he spent another few months in Germany before going home. He's not doing too well at age 88. Cancer and other ailments have taken their toll. But, I want to thank him again for doing his part to make life easier for all of us. By the way, that's mom on the left. She was a Marine in WWII.

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