Friday, June 27, 2008

Miss 'N Out At The Track

I missed out on racing the track Thursday night which included the Miss and Out event... Thanks to my Wednesday crash and slide from the top of the 43 degree banked corner down to the infield. Ouch!!! I took today off the bike as well... I'm thinking the new track, when it's built, should have a Pergo surface or something that doesn't give you road rash. Another thing; Why would anyone pay more than $60 for bike shorts? Yeah, I need those $180 Castelli or DeMarchi or Assos shorts so I can rip them up like I did to these Mt Borahs... How long can The Colorado Cyclist stay in business? You can get a pair of fancy shorts for $180 or shop somewhere else, like your favorite local bike shop, and spend $60 on shorts and save the $120 for the gas tank...

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Smithers said...

How long can The Colorado Cyclist stay in business

You would be shocked at how many of those Assos shorts Colorado Cyclist sells.

When I found out my jaw hit the floor. Suffice to say that CC can't get enough to sell. It's really amazing.