Monday, June 15, 2009

Riding, Training, Volunteering, Spectating

I've been getting some decent rides lately and I did some volunteering for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Tom Bengel and I worked the Downtown Saint Paul Criterium as Course Marshalls on Wednesday. Paul McKinney helped us on the corner of Wacouta and 6th. As usual, I did most of the work. Tommy spent about half the time talking to the Kueffer family and others. McKinney stood on the lamp post the whole time except for 10 seconds... Thursday I rode and did time trial training on Lillydale Road. Friday, Tom Bengel, Rob Belz and I were NVGP Course Marshalls for the Uptown Crit. We rode our bikes over from Saint Paul and worked the Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street corner. The new phrase when closing off the street crossing is; "Shut uhr down!" Saturday was a medium length training ride. Tom Bengel and I rode to North Oaks and back for 32 miles. Yeah, I've spent too much time with Tommy B lately... I'll ride with some others for a while... After two days of volunteering, Tom Bengel, Rob Belz some MNJRC kids and I rode to Stillwater for the Chilkoot Hill Criterium. We had fun watching the race. I threw on a NVGP vest toward the end and helped Big Paul with crowd control. It got a little crazy. They needed more Course Marshalls. With the ride home, we got in 51 miles.

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