Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paying For Speed

Speed can be achieved in bike racing via many methods. Training, racing, buying the best equipment, bike position and hiring a coach are the most common. I paid for time trial speed by getting a time trial bike, disc rear wheel, deep section front wheel, skin suit, aero helmet and lycra shoe covers... However, last night, I paid for speed a different way, I went out way too fast at the Blackdog TT and paid for it on the way back when it seemed I was barely moving! Two weeks ago, my time was 16:17. Last night it was 16:45. That was one second slower than my first Blackdog TT of the year... I'll try to TT at a more even pace... Anyway, I got in 19 miles last night at the "Dog". Tonight, I got in a little over 20 miles by going up the high bridge and then west to Fort Snelling before heading back to Saint Paul.

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