Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Much Riding Lately...

I've been busy lately with all kinds of stuff that has kept me off the bike. Yeah, if I was really serious, I would make time... I know, I know... Got a 20 mile road ride in Saturday evening then had the family over for Father's Day on Sunday. What happened Monday? Rain? Tuesday I was all set for the thirty six mile TCBC Acapulco ride when Kathleen informed me we had the neighbor's birthday party to go to... So I decided to get in a quick ride around the neighborhood. Yeah, it was quick. I made it one mile before the rain started. I turned for home and got in a total of 2 miles... Today, I got in 21 miles on the time trial training bike with five speed sets. I rode the Greenway and Kenilworth trails plus the trail from downtown south to the Greenway.

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