Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Dog Bites

The famed and storied Blackdog Time Trials returned last night. Tom Bengel and I drove over to the usual parking spot. We took the Specialized TT bikes out of the truck and checked out the course. The road keeps getting worse every year... The potholes were more numerous than ever (is that redundant) and many were over six eight inches deep. In fact, it was tough to find a good line in some places. The good news is that they are starting to patch it up with fresh asphalt. Whoever is doing the repair is using the old "dump the asphalt in the hole and let the cars run over it" routine. That makes for an uneven repair but it's better than nothing. Anyway, I finished 9th out of 18 in the M50+. Among those in front of me were the winner, Charlie Townsend, Dave Ludwigson and Steve Knowlton. Some who finished behind me included John Stamm, Mike Lyner and Tom Bengel. Dan Casper won the men's overall and Timmer placed third on a fixed gear. My time was 16:44 for the eight mile course. I got in 22 miles with the warm-up, race and cool-down.

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