Sunday, May 24, 2009


Twenty one is the legal age for drinking. I was fishing on one of my favorite east metro lakes yesterday when three young guys in a canoe were paddling around, drinking beer. I asked them how old they were and they all said twenty one. I didn't care that they were drinking. There were two bikini clad young women rollerblading down the road who stopped at the boat launch, took off their inline skates and proceeded to lay out on the dock. I told the young guys they better paddle down there to meet the girls. When I got back to the dock after fishing, the guys were standing there but the girls were gone. In fact, the guys said the girls were gone when they got there... I told them they should have paddled faster. Then, I thanked them. They said; "For what?" I said; "For helping me take my boat out of the water!" They thought that was pretty good so they helped me. Anyway, today I got out for a 21 mile ride up to Lake Owasso and back. I'm still not ready to go fast or go for a long ride. The swine/cold thing is winding down but I have a lot of crud in my nose and lungs that is draining out via projectile nose blowing...

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