Saturday, March 14, 2009

From Interstate 94 to Prescott

Big Bill Stuber and I rode from the Oakland Middle School in Lake Elmo north of Interstate 94 on Manning Avenue to Prescott, Wisconsin and back. I thought that was a 25 mile route but it was actually only 20. Anyway, we rode into a big headwind out of the south as we took Stagecoach all the way there. The big climbs we rode included Indian Trail, the Coulee, the big climb north of Afton State Park and the steep climb south of Afton State Park. After that, it was hammer into the wind. When we got to Prescott, we stopped and had breakfast at a local restaurant. On the way back, we had the big climb on 21 right out of Prescott and then up the big climb south of the state park. Next up was the south side of the Coulee and then the climb out of Afton on Stagecoach. Realizing we were not going to get fifty miles in, we kept going north on Stagecoach to 30th north. Then, we went west on 30th, up that big climb to Oakgreen and then west to Lake Elmo Blvd. From there we went south to 10th and then back to the school for a little over 50 miles.

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