Thursday, April 24, 2008

Riding On The Loon Express

It was a great day for the Loon State Stone Arch Wednesday ride. I met Mike Delaney, Randall and Jens there. The four of us took off and were joined by Tim Lewis on East River Road. Jens and Lewis absolutely hammered the whole ride. I took my turns pulling like everyone else but when those two were on the front... My thighs were screaming! After blasting down Shepard Road, I didn't think I'd have anything left for the High Bridge, Marie Avenue and Ohio climbs. I was right... I was off the back ahead of only Delaney on the High Bridge/Smith Avenue summit. On Marie and Ohio, I was dead last... Brian Loecken joined us at the intersection of Cherokee and Smith. We headed down the hill and went up Ramsey. Once again, I was off the back... Here's the equation/formula I've come up with; Age plus weight. My total number is 50 + 180 for 230. My ideal number would be 215. That means I need to drop 15 pounds... Anyway, since I rode down to the Stone Arch, I peeled off at Summit and Albert and rode a few blocks home. We got in 36 miles.

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