Monday, November 26, 2007

Velo Experience

I've posted this elsewhere but this idea has to come to life. Velo Experience is my idea for a new velodrome complex to be built in the Twin Cities. This would be a facility with both an indoor and outdoor velodrome. The indoor velodrome would be perfect for winter riding and races. The outdoor one would be capable of hosting national championships. For the indoor facility, the layout would include rows of seats for fans on both sides of the velodrome. An interior warm-up riding area with cyclotrainers and stationary bikes plus a flat practice loop would be included. The rest of the layout would include a bike shop, weight machines and potentially a restaurant. I'm guessing the corners of the track would be banked at 33 degrees and the distance would be 250 meters. The outdoor track could be banked at 35 degrees with a longer distance. Yeah, this would cost a ton of dough. If I win the lottery... Anyone related to the Pohlads, Taylors, Daytons, Cargills, McKnights? Class? Anyone?

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