Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taking Out the Winter Bike

A couple of years ago, I bought a cheap Motobecane frame on eBay and built it up with parts in my bike cabinet. I decided I needed a criterium bike that I didn't care about since crashes happen a lot in those races (check out the picture to the left from an Opus Crit). Anyway, the Motobecane morphed into my winter bike. It's the perfect bike for bad weather because, I don't care if it gets dirty... The Motobecane pulls double duty though. This past spring, I got a disc rear and deep section carbon front wheel for my time trial bike. The wheels are great for racing. However, I didn't want to hit pot holes with good wheels on that bike so I threw a set of clip-on bars on the Motobecane and it became my time trial training bike. I took the clip-on bars off after the time trial season. The Motobecane is the bike I grab when rain threatens and when the weather turns cold. Give your race bike a rest and get yourself a cheap winter beater...

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