Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marine Life

I got a few rides in the last few days including the Bikery Cyclocross Race today. The rain and mud splattered all over my cross bike on Tuesday as Rob Belz and I rode around the trails at Lake Elmo Park Reserve for 10 miles. It was cold too... On Thursday, I took the Gitane out for a 10 mile ride on the Summit, River Blvd, West River Road, return to Summit loop. I rode slow enough to talk to Todd Johnson while he was rollerskiing. The Bikery Cyclocross Race today in Marine on Saint Croix was excellent. What a course! Maybe I should say, what a course for me... Firm ski trail after all the recent rain plus a nice long asphalt section where I time trialed my way back to the ski trail. The course was long with three barriers including a hill run-up after one of the barriers. There was one other short, but steep hill that I rode up all six laps. Anyway, I placed 14th out of 27 in the M45+ race. Among those finishing in front of me were the usual suspects including Greg Goblirsch 1st, Paul McKinney 2nd, Mark Engen, Dave Ludwigson, Paul Schoening and Dave Herbert. I sprinted against Jeff Colbeth for 14th and got it. He was getting tired because he did the 4 lap race earlier. Some of the riders placing behind me and Jeff were John Stamm, Rob Belz, Rob Ogren, Mike Lyner, Todd Trembley, Tom Bengel and Tim Power. Other peeps raced too including Jerry Engen, Lori Belz, Tina Olson and Stu Benson in the 4 lap event. Three Loon State Teammates did the Cat 3 race including Tom Manderfeld, Shane Kullman and Dan Cleary. Thanks to the Bikery for the great race and thanks to them for the picture at the left.

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