Saturday, August 8, 2009


I went to the Minnecycle local frame builders show at the Vine Arts Center in south Minneapolis yesterday. Tom Bengel met me there after work. The show featured custom bikes from Curt Goodrich, Vincent Dominguez, Chris Kvale, Terry Osell, Capricorn, Clockwork, Freeman, Peacock Groove and Wyganowski. There were only about fifteen to twenty bikes there but it was pretty cool. Goodrich showed off a couple of his Team Issue cyclocross bikes. He's sponsoring a cross team this year. Erik Noreen of Peacock Groove had some really cool track bikes displayed plus a Pugsley sized mountain bike with a triple chain. Note, not a triple chain ring but a triple chain... Noreen gave Tommy and me a tour of his shop in the basement of the building. He's right next to Kvale. Wyganowski had a bike there with stainless steel lugs. It was a good show. Check out the picture of the Goodrich Team Issue cross bike and the Peacock drop out on one of the Noreen track bikes.

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