Monday, October 20, 2008

Skating With The Oldies

Notice that was skating with the oldies and not skating to the oldies... I got the roller skis out Sunday and hit the roads of Lake Elmo with Jerry Engen and Barry Torgerson. Just another attempt to get in better shape for the ski season... How long will I keep making the effort? Since Kathleen had some stuff to do, I went to Lake DeMontreville with the 10 foot john boat equipped with the monster 6hp motor in the afternoon. I took the channel to Lake Olson and fished a while with out landing anything. Next, I trolled the weedline and caught a nice northern. I went back through the channel to DeMontreville and fished a while longer. I almost fell out of the boat and got my left arm wet but that's another story. I didn't catch any other fish but check out the picture of DeMontreville with the fall colors in the hills.

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