Sunday, October 26, 2008

Afton Cyclocross Race Report

What a great day for a cyclocross race! Too bad the course was at Afton Alps and there was a big hill to climb... Everyone knows how much I like hills... The good thing was, they split the B Race. The B Cat 3 guys went 45 minutes and then the 45+ men were grouped with the 123 women for another 45 minutes. Loon State was well represented with Jordan Cullen winning the C race. The B Men Cat 3 included Chad Macy, Russ, Dan Cleary, Tom Manderfeld, Rob Belz and Skibby. In my 45+ event, Greg Goblirsch got 2nd behind Paul Mckinney of the Gopher Wheelmen. Other Loons in my race were Dave Ludwigson, Dan Meyer, Mike Lyner and Tim Power. Anyway, this course was not made for me. The big hill climb really took its toll as did the five sets of barriers. I pretty much raced with Tim Power and Todd Trembley. They did a lot better going up the climb than I did but I managed to pull away from them on the road section. Trembley dropped off with a sideache. My plan was to stay on Tim's wheel until the road section on the last lap. However, Tim stumbled after a set of barriers and dropped back. I got 21st overall and 15th in the 45+ for and 12 1/2 miles. Others racing included Women's winner Linda Sone, Kristiwood, Mark Engen and then Dave Meyer, Sam Meier, CJ Faulkner, Dan Casper, Hollywood, Ezra and many more in the A event. Thanks to Rob Halverson for the picture of the B 45+ Start. I'm second from the right.

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