Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Outdoorsman...

My second ride of October took place on the 10th. It was another step toward cyclocross shape as I rode an impressive 15 miles after work. Saturday was off the bike and devoted to the outdoors. In the morning, it was pheasant hunting in the fields, sloughs, swamps and cornfields of the east metro. Heard a few but didn't get any shots off. I did help Jerry Engen get a couple of geese when I scared them off the pond. Jerry didn't return the favor though. He drove a cornfield and a wood line but no pheasants took to the air. Later in the day, I did manage to catch four northern pike on one of my favorite east metro lakes. Drifting across the lake while flipping a twister jig and spinner blade worked great. I released all of them. Anyway the one picture is the hunting land facing the pond and the other is the biggest northern pike I landed.

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