Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Workouts

I rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday but didn't accumulate too many miles. The longest ride was today at 21 miles. I'm currently in a low motivation zone due to my excess pounds... Here's the new plan; 1) No soda, 2) Drink more water, 3) Eat more fruits and vegetables, 4) Cut out the candy and rolls, 5) Stop drinking beer for a while, 6) I'm not sure if I can totally stop drinking beer... It is summer-time and the weather is hot... I'll limit myself to just a few each week... In other news, I took out the big 10' john boat on its maiden voyage... I got a 2.2 horespower Mercury motor from one of my customers. He told me to keep it for now and that he didn't want any money for it... He said if he ever needs it he'll call me. Can't beat that... Anyway, I caught a northern on a plastic worm and a sunfish on a bare hook... I might have to hit the golf course too.

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