Saturday, August 23, 2008

Horses For Courses

There are certain horses for certain courses but they do not belong in the metro parks... I rode a Chequamagon Training ride at an east metro park where they allow horses, walkers and bikers on the trail. The horses crap all over the trail (their owners never pick it up), spook easily and they crush the trail into sand making it hard for the bikers and walkers to get through without sinking in... Oh yeah, they leave big holes in the trail too. If I sound a little too harsh, I was lectured by a woman on a horse who wasn't used to bikers. She said I should get off my bike and stand next to it while the horses go by. I told her it might be time to ride a horse that can handle a bike going slowly past it. I came across another horse who was scared when I approached and immediately crapped on the trail... I hope it wasn't a comment on me... Anyway, I got in 20 1/2 miles. Speaking of horses, which one do you prefer?

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