Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tapering For The Birkie

I've been tapering for the Birkie lately. Actually, I've been tapering for the Birkie all season by skiing one to two times per week. The last two days I hit the trainer. Forty five minutes and weights on Monday and 40 minutes today. In the feel good news section, I hit 181lbs today... I put O G on a piece of paper and taped it to my steering wheel. It stands for; "Operation Gut". I do all the food damage while driving around in my truck. I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner but it all falls apart at lunch or in the morning when I'm picking up donuts for customers. Junk food has a habit of jumping out at me when I'm walking down the aisles... Plus, my truck always seems to veer toward Taco Johns, Culvers or Arbys... The O G sticker will force me to think before my hand reaches for the soda, candy and fast food...

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