Monday, December 3, 2007

The Famed and Storied Comenkollen

Como Park, aka, the "Comenkollen" was the venue for an after work skate ski workout. I named it the "Comenkollen" many years ago and now, numerous local skiers refer to it by that name. Ouch! I just dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back... Anyway, the name is in reference to the greatest skiing venue on the planet, the famed Holmenkollen trails above Oslo, Norway. It's a small part of a huge pine wooded landscape stretching all the way to the northern part of the country. There might be a few trolls hiding behind the trees but the skiing is fabulous as untold kilometers of trails cover the place. Okay, it's got to be over 400K. The trails sit about 700 feet above Oslo and at night, with the lights on, the place is spectacular. That's why the famed and storied "Comenkollen" reminds me of skiing at the Holemenkollen (where I skied 10 years ago). Just like the Holmenkollen, the highest point of the "Comenkollen" sits at least 10 feet above Como Lake and Lexington Avenue. At night, the view of the street lights on Lexington as they twist through the park are, well, kinda sorta not as good as the Holmenkollen... Well, the Holmenkollen doesn't have a zoo or a Conservatory. The Holmenkollen isn't a cyclocross race venue like Como Park either. Well, the cyclocross course was ruined this year when they put an asphalt path through the middle of the woods... Time to get back on the trainer...

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John O'Connell said...

Time to switch back to your ski page so I don't have to look at all your bikes when I want to read your smatterings. Possible winter blog titles:

Tegeder misses the wax
No ride just glide
I may be shifty as I just turned fifty
Lyrca lies even less than a full kit