Friday, January 1, 2010

A Triathlon To Close Out The Decade

The last few days of the decade included a personal triathlon for me. Within the last week, I rode the Cobro's (common law brother-in-law) beater GT mountain bike, skied twice at the famed and storied Highland 9 Hole golf course and yesterday, the third leg of the triathlon, coyote hunting... I finished the year with 3,527 miles of biking. That was 525 miles better than last year but still down from the 4,200 I rode a few years ago. Anyway, while coyote hunting yesterday, I tried out the new winter camo insulated bibs that I bought while in Saratoga, New York last week. They worked great as I tracked a pair of coyotes for about a mile before I ran out of land for hunting. I need snowshoes though as I broke through the crust layer of snow numerous times. Regardless, Happy New Year to everyone!

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