Monday, July 6, 2009

Lance! Lance! Lance!

I've had enough Lance crap from the Versus network. The guy got away with juicing in the TDF for seven victories imho. How do you beat a juiced to the gills Ullrich, Basso, Vinukorouv, Mancebo, Landis, Hamilton, Pererio, Heras et al without being on something yourself? Now, he's trying his comeback as a clean rider. Cancellera, Contador, Wiggins, Kloden, Evans, Leipheimer were among the nine riders who beat him in the opening time trial... He probably thinks he's team leader after today's stage when he was in the right place at the right time. Wait until the first mountain stage. Bruyneel better not tell Contador to ride for Lance. Contador should attack Lance up every mountain and finish the guy off for good... Anyway, Tom Bengel and I got in a 31 mile time trial training session on the Greenway, Cedar and Kenilworth Trails.

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