Monday, July 20, 2009

Chasing Bikes And Trains

I rode my second best Blackdog time trial of the year on July 15th. I posted a 16:38 but that was still a long way from the 16:17 I did a month ago. I need to race and chase a little faster... Anyway, the total miles with warm-up, race and cool-down were 26. Saturday was my next ride and it was a long one... I got in close to 6 miles as Kathleen and I celebrated our anniversary with a neighborhood cruise. We spread mulch next to our new patio earlier in the day. Sunday came around and the Tour featured a mountain stage plus the final round of the British Open was on. I watched Contador put Lance in his place and then watched the Open until the playoff started. I had to get in a ride so I headed out to Lake Jane and back. The public access at the lake is pretty small now as the water level is way down. The total miles were 33. Today, I got in another time trial training ride on the Greenway and Kenilwurth trails. I chased a train on the way out. Actually, it blew past me because it was really flying... On the way back, I got a flat only to find out that my spare tube was patched and it wasn't holding air either. A young guy gave me a tube. I went straight to the Freewheel shop along the trail and bought a couple of tubes and a CO2 cartridge. I got in 30 miles.

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