Monday, November 3, 2008

Great Weather - Great Rides

Taking advantage of the recent great weather, I got a few rides in plus a race the past few days. On Thursday 10-30, Tom Bengel, Rob Belz and I rode the cyclocross training course at the park across the river. We went up the stairs four times and climbed the hill three times. We got in 16 1/2 miles. Saturday 11-1, was the Red Barn Cyclocross race. I placed 17th overall out of 35 in the second B event. The race went pretty well as the flat course suits me perfectly. The big hill climb got me every lap though. Mike Lyner and I were following John Stamm on the first lap when Lyner crashed in a corner. I rode over him and hit the ground getting some scrapes on my forehead. We lost Stamm at that point so I followed Lyner. We passed a few riders who got by us during the crash and kept on charging. Lyner ran faster up the hill than I did and he recovered better at the top. I had to keep chasing him down on every lap. On the last lap, I stopped chasing him since I knew he would get me on the hill which was right before the finish line. I checked back and no one else was close so I cruised on in to the finish. Among those placing in front of me were Paul McKinney, Dag Selander, Mark Engen, Rob Ogren, John Stamm and Lyner. Some of the guys who finished behind me included Dan Meyer (mechanical) Todd Trembley, Tom Bengel, Tim Power and Jack Stack. Others racing the other events included Lori Belz, Jerry Engen, Linda Sone, Dan Casper and my Loon State teammates Rob Belz, Bill Stuber, Jordan Cullen, Jim Cullen, Andy Frye, Chad Macy and Tom Manderfeld. I got in 17 1/2 miles. Sunday was another nice day. My neighbor Steve and I rode the Fat Tire Test Track that runs from Mac-Groveland to downtown Saint Paul, We rode some trails next to the river too. We got in a little over 11 miles.

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