Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Big Effort

The race of the day was the Lake Rebecca cyclocross event. As usual, I entered the 45+ and planned on staying with Tom Bengel and Rob Belz. After about 500 yards though, my brake was rubbing really hard on the wheel... I stopped to try to fix it but I left my tool kit back at the start. I rode the course backwards to find a mini tool. A spectator had one and gave it to me. However, on closer inspection, it wasn't the brake, it was the wheel that came loose and jammed against the chain stay... I re-set the wheel in the dropouts and kept going. By that time however, everyone was at least a half mile ahead of me. I finished the first lap and then dropped out. Better to be DNF than DFL... The course was pretty muddy anyway so I rode around for a while on the asphalt trail. I got in 7 miles...

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bloodline said...

i expect better things on 15 november

-45+ competition