Sunday, July 20, 2008


After watching the TDF and British Open on TV on Saturday, July 19th, I spent the last full day of vacation in Saratoga Springs, New York by climbing Prospect Mountian. First, on a hunch, I stopped by the OTB (off track betting parlor) thinking my father-in-law might be there. He was... I tried to buy him lunch but he insisted on buying me lunch instead. I had the BLT. They have great food at the OTB... Back to Prospect Mountain... I started out climbing the 2,000 foot vertical ascent next to Lake George with thunder rumbling in the distance. About a fifth of the way up, the clouds broke loose and heavy rain started to fall. I stood under a big pine tree for ten minutes while the storm passed... After the rain stopped, I blasted up the mountain. The climb to the top of Prospect is much steeper and shorter than the climb up Buck Mountain. The trail was slippery and there was a lot of fog and mist from the high humidity and 90F+ temps. While Buck Mountain is on the south east side of the lake, Prospect sits on the southwest flank. The hike back down the mountain is really hard because of the steep rock faces and numerous rocks and roots lining the trail. Check out the view from the top.

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