Sunday, July 20, 2008

On A Bike After 8 Days Off

Like I said, vacationing with the wife's relatives consisted of golf, beer, ice cream and cheeseburgers... After the Buck Mountain climb on Wednesday, I rode the CoBro's (common-law-brother-in law... He's only lived with my sister-in-law for ten years...) beater GT mountain bike on Thursday the 17th of July. It creaks with every turn of the crank but it isn't worth putting any money into it. I made a circle of Saratoga Springs with a stop at the Blue Sky bike shop. They sell Trek, Specialized and Giant. That's a pretty good line-up. They also carry Serotta and Independent Fabrication. After that, I rode over to the Saratoga Spa State Park golf course and found a bunch of golf balls scattered in the poison ivy... Well, I grabbed the ones that weren't in the ivy... From there, I rode past the Serotta factory which is right in Saratoga where Ben S set up shop years ago. I've stopped in there a few times over the last two decades but skipped the visit this time... I rode on into Balston Spa and then headed back to Saratoga and the sister-in-law's house. I got in 16 miles.

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