Friday, October 26, 2007

Chasing CRY Points

The cyclocross scene in Minnesota keeps getting bigger every year. I started out four years ago and the fields were much smaller. As a result, It's harder to get CRY points now. Add in the fact that someone who's 43 with a December birthday gets to ride B2 (45+) and guys like me get pushed further down the results sheet. I turn 50 in December... I think they need a 50+ Category in the B2... How's that for some CRYing? I have several options; 1) Convince the faster guys to ride the A race. This isn't too likely. 2) Get in better shape. Might be tough if everyone keeps bringing beer to the cross races. 3) Train more. That could lead to a divorce... 4) Cheat. Take EPO or better yet, crash out the competition on the first lap.

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