Monday, October 29, 2007

Bringing More Riders to Loon State

We need more riders so I got three buddies of mine to join the Loons this fall and I've got another one ready to sign up. Rob Belz is 42 and is a fantastic road sprinter and mountain biker. He's also been really strong in cyclocross where he keeps improving. Jay Wenner used to race in Eau Claire and Wisconsin in the 1980s. He's 46 and is one of the best cross country skiers in the area. Jay is very tough on the mountain bike and will likely be doing cyclocross. I think he's going to get into time trialing too. Bill Stuber is in his mid 50s and likes mountain bike racing and cyclocross. These guys should be good additions to Loon State. Belz and Wenner have the potential to be very fast.

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