Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back from New York

I had a good time in Upstate, New York in the Saratoga and Lake George Region. The total time out there staying with Kathleen's relatives was almost three weeks. I cross country skied at Cronin's Golf Course in Warrensburg and at Mount Van Hovenberg in Lake Placid with Dave and Wendy Matthews. I also climbed French Mountain in Lake George. It's 1,040 vertical feet to the top. As always, I climbed it without stopping. Don't know why but I'm much better at climbing mountains than I am at riding or skiing up hills... I also went downhill skiing at Gore Mountain with my Co-Bro (Common Law Brother In Law) Frank. The place has 2300 feet of vertical. During a crash though, I pulled a calf muscle that put me out of commission for skiing and climbing for the rest of the trip. The broken toe from November was still healing too so it was probably good I didn't do any workouts for over a week. Also went to the Saratoga Battlefield National Park. Colonial General Gates defeated British General Burgoyne there in October 1777. Since getting back, I've cross country skied a lot at Lake Elmo and Green Acres. I'm not as concerned about my skiing but it is a great weight loss program. I came back from New York at 181.5lbs. Mid-170s now. The picture above is Lake Elmo from a couple of days ago.

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