Sunday, November 8, 2009

Biking, Building, Riding, Racing

It's been a busy few days building, riding and racing bikes lately. I finally got the Shimano 105 black crankset to finish the build of my 1998 Reynolds 853 steel Schwinn Peloton frame. The theme is all black components for the blue frame. I used Shimano 105 black brakes, shifters, front and rear derailleurs and crankset plus Ritchey WCS handlebars, stem and seatpost. I've got a bid in on a set of WCS wheels which I'd like to add to the bike. I cobbled the headset together out of Cane Creek and Aheadset parts. Anyway, check out the picture to the left. As for riding, I got in a 22 mile cruise on the Greenway, Cedar and Kenilworth Trails on Thursday. I would have gone longer but the sun sets pretty early now. Friday, I spent more time working on the Peloton and only had time for an 11 mile ride on Summit and River Blvd. Yesterday, I did the Velocross cyclocross race at the Velodrome in Blaine. I got 18th out of 30 in the M45+ race. Those placing in front of me included the usual suspects Paul McKinney, Greg Goblirsch, Dave Ludwigson, Rob Belz and Dan Meyer. John Stamm and Todd Trembley got me this time too. I stayed in front of Mike Lyner, Stu Benson, Mike Brumbaugh and Mark Rathbun. I got in 15 miles with the warm-up, race and cool-down.

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